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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

SPV Ltd Performing at LUPA FETE

SPV Ltd will be performing at LUPA FETE It would be great to see you there. Your SPV Ltd voucher is attached.

LUPA FETE, is taking place, 2-9pm, behind James Campbell House, The Approach Estate, Old Ford Road, London, E2 9QE (5 minutes walk from Bethnal Green Tube)

  1. Check out the review of LUPA Fete by londoncitynights.com, particularly the bit about SPV Ltd:

    "After I'd wandered away from this I went for a look around, eventually finding myself chatting with SPV Ltd, who were running a shoe cleaning service. This was a fantastic piece of working satire, poking fun at contracts written in legalese, corporate jargon and the language of business. Essentially it was taking one of the simplest possible businesses; shoe shining, and tangling it up in the most Byzantine contractual arrangements that they could. So, to start you have to sign a lengthy disclaimer that states things like:

    "I, in my own behalf, acknowledge and agree that such participation subjects Visitor/Client to the possibility of damage to shoes or garments (minimal, serious, catastrophic and/or written off) and that I, in my own behalf release and hold harmless Releasees in the exercises of this authority. I further acknowledge and understand that I will be responsible for any and all laundry and related bills that may be incurred and for any and all accidental stains, mishaps or damage to shoes and clothing that Visitor/Client may sustain during the even and while travelling to and from the Tax Haven for the Event whether the Visitor/Client participates in the shoe cleaning activity or not."

    After popping your signature in numerous places on this 3 page form you're given a ticket and invited to peruse their business plan for franchising. This thick document went into impossibly complex detail about exactly how to set up your own shoeshining operation, down to the equipment, training, legal issues and so on.

    After this I was ushered into a gazebo clad in thick black plastic. It was dark and warm inside and smelt strongly of parsnips. Three women were inside with a huge variety of shoe-cleaning tools, all stuck to the end of broom handles to prevent them having to bend down too much. The three peppered me with questions about my shoes; what were they made of; where did I get them; what kind of buffing would I like; what kind of polish; would I like a freshening? The experience felt a little like an interrogation, though the questions were delivered in such a perfunctory way so as to depersonalise them. It's the same kind of feeling you sometimes sense when going for a haircut, the barber talking just to fill the empty space. Adding to this was all the jargon they'd use, a bundle of torches tied together was a 'multilight' and so on.

    It's extremely satisfying to experience something that functions both practically and satirically. I walked out of that tent happy, intrigued, amused and, perhaps most importantly, with impeccably buffed, shiny and spotless shoes. Could a person ask for more?"

    Written on Wednesday, June 19, 2013 at 18:18hrs by Apollo Korzeniowski

336 Old Street, London EC1V 9DR, United Kingdom | +44 (0)20 7739 4055 | direct@charliesmithlondon.com | charliesmithlondon.com | @CHARLIESMITHldn
Wednesday–Saturday 11am–6pm or by appointment
Words that transform, vibrate and glow: 13 paintings inspired by
the lyrics of Nick Cave
Emma Bennett, Daniel P. Carter, Nadine Feinson, Maggi Hambling, Florian Heinke, Sam
Jackson, James Johnston, Susanne Kühn, Concha Martinez Barreto, George Shaw, Dominic
Shepherd, George Stamatakis, Rose Wylie
Curated by Angela Koulakoglou
PRIVATE VIEW Thursday 16 January 2020 6:30-8:30pm
EXHIBITION DATES Friday 17 January – Saturday 8 February 2020
GALLERY HOURS Wednesday-Saturday 11am-6pm or by appointment
CHARLIE SMITH LONDON is delighted to invite curator and collector Angela Koulakoglou to present Words that transform, vibrate
and glow: 13 paintings inspired by the lyrics of Nick Cave.
The exhibition was conceived over a year ago and its timing is prescient; Cave’s latest album, Ghosteen, was released with a
hallucinatory painting as its cover in October 2019. Unprecedented in their visuality and striking in their ability to conjure
apocalyptic landscapes, all the songs on Ghosteen are visions. As Cave embarks on a world tour in 2020, a conversation between
his lyrics and painting becomes all the more relevant.
‘I can’t write a song that I cannot see’, Cave once stated in an interview. Having started his career as a painter, he soon turned to
song writing and over several decades has produced a body of lyrics unparalleled in their consistent richness, unforgettable
imagery, and unique combinations of darkness, humour, despair and hope. Drawn from songs written throughout his career, from
the famed Peaky Blinders signature tune Red Right Hand to the early and more obscure Release the Bats, the thirteen paintings
included in this exhibition are testimony to the fertile but often unexplored territory that lies between the arts. Three of the artists
present are rock musicians: James Johnston was in fact a guitarist for Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds between 2003-2008; Emma
Bennett is the bassist for Dear Thief; and Daniel P. Carter, who also hosts BBC Radio 1’s Rock Show, performs with metal group
The participating artists represent different generations, backgrounds, and ethnicities and they approach their art in different
ways. Each one has ‘seen’ their painting in Cave’s lyrics in a reverse trajectory to that of the poet. Connecting word to world, the
paintings in this exhibition occupy the space in between, opening up new imaginative possibilities. Deeply personal, unexpected
and moving, poetry meets image in these thirteen powerful paintings that stretch our sensory and spiritual boundaries.
Please contact gallery for images and further information