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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Issue 2.2 Journal of Contemporary Painting launch & Panel Discussion - RCA Friday 24th February 6.30 - 8.00 pm

Painters Out of Work: Remodelling Late Modernism

Friday 24 February, 6:30 – 8:00pm followed by drinks

Royal College of Art
Dyson Building, Gorvy Lecture Theatre
1 Hester Road, London SW11 4AN

Michael Corris, Alison Green and Mark Harris in conversation

For the launch of issue 2.2 of the Journal of Contemporary Painting, three writers will discuss their thinking on painters working through and against the aesthetic and social protocols of modernism in the latter part of the twentieth-century.

Journal of Contemporary Painting - Volume 2 Issue 2 contains articles by Alison Green, Myron Stout, Mark Harris, Victor Vasarely, Michael Corris, Molly Warnock, Moyra Derby, Agnieszka Mlicka and Suling Wang. Reviews by Catherine Ferguson, Anne-Marie Creamer, Nadine Feinson, John Chilver, Matthew L. Levy, Kelly Chorpening and Ian Heywood.

If you would like to attend, entry is free but you need to register:

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Wednesday–Saturday 11am–6pm or by appointment
Words that transform, vibrate and glow: 13 paintings inspired by
the lyrics of Nick Cave
Emma Bennett, Daniel P. Carter, Nadine Feinson, Maggi Hambling, Florian Heinke, Sam
Jackson, James Johnston, Susanne Kühn, Concha Martinez Barreto, George Shaw, Dominic
Shepherd, George Stamatakis, Rose Wylie
Curated by Angela Koulakoglou
PRIVATE VIEW Thursday 16 January 2020 6:30-8:30pm
EXHIBITION DATES Friday 17 January – Saturday 8 February 2020
GALLERY HOURS Wednesday-Saturday 11am-6pm or by appointment
CHARLIE SMITH LONDON is delighted to invite curator and collector Angela Koulakoglou to present Words that transform, vibrate
and glow: 13 paintings inspired by the lyrics of Nick Cave.
The exhibition was conceived over a year ago and its timing is prescient; Cave’s latest album, Ghosteen, was released with a
hallucinatory painting as its cover in October 2019. Unprecedented in their visuality and striking in their ability to conjure
apocalyptic landscapes, all the songs on Ghosteen are visions. As Cave embarks on a world tour in 2020, a conversation between
his lyrics and painting becomes all the more relevant.
‘I can’t write a song that I cannot see’, Cave once stated in an interview. Having started his career as a painter, he soon turned to
song writing and over several decades has produced a body of lyrics unparalleled in their consistent richness, unforgettable
imagery, and unique combinations of darkness, humour, despair and hope. Drawn from songs written throughout his career, from
the famed Peaky Blinders signature tune Red Right Hand to the early and more obscure Release the Bats, the thirteen paintings
included in this exhibition are testimony to the fertile but often unexplored territory that lies between the arts. Three of the artists
present are rock musicians: James Johnston was in fact a guitarist for Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds between 2003-2008; Emma
Bennett is the bassist for Dear Thief; and Daniel P. Carter, who also hosts BBC Radio 1’s Rock Show, performs with metal group
The participating artists represent different generations, backgrounds, and ethnicities and they approach their art in different
ways. Each one has ‘seen’ their painting in Cave’s lyrics in a reverse trajectory to that of the poet. Connecting word to world, the
paintings in this exhibition occupy the space in between, opening up new imaginative possibilities. Deeply personal, unexpected
and moving, poetry meets image in these thirteen powerful paintings that stretch our sensory and spiritual boundaries.
Please contact gallery for images and further information